Big Fish

Big FishI like to walk around my neighborhood.  In the front, there is a pond with frogs, turtles, fish, occaisionally ducks and geese.  It’s a very picturesque pond except for the big drain there.  Which I suppose there is probably some regulation/zoning thing that requires the drain.

But I digress…..the interesting thing is that the drain–which is about 5 feet around–is the place where the big fish hangs out.  (What was the name of that fish on the Andy Griffith show?  Old Sam?  Old Walter?). 

Since my “real camera” is broken, I snapped a picture of Old Walter hanging out by the drain using my cell phone.  See the dorsal and tail fin to the left?  From my calculations, old Walter must be about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long.  Now, that’s a big fish!!!


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