Finished: The Crown Royal Quilt

My camera still broken and off  to the Nikon camera hospital recuperating, but I did find Crown Royal - Done!the cord to upload pictures from my camera phone.  Then I only spent about a half an hour trying to take a picture with my camera phone.  I got seven pictures of my index finger, 1 picture that I can’t identify (my dog’s right ear, perhaps?), and this picture of the Crown Royal quilt. 

A masterpiece it is not.  I did four patches until I was blue (or purple) in the face.  But then again, I started with Crown Royal bags, so what do you expect?  However, done is good.  And now I can put it in a box and ship it to my nephew!  Surprise to him!

Getting any sewing done?  Fulfilling any long-ago made promises?


5 thoughts on “Finished: The Crown Royal Quilt

  1. hello my name is brittany and i love.the crown royal quilt u made in the picture above. my fiance is wanting a crown royal quilt for our bed. which is a queen size bed. what wld u charge to make a quilt like above for a queen size bed. we.have .tons and tons of crown royal bags. and how long does it take o make a.quilt like this. this quilt is amazing. great job. thanks brittany.

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