Stash Report 2011 – Week 24

It seems I am constantly confronted with issues.  I finished the Crown Royal quilt this week (but no camera, so you’ll have t wait on that post).  Made some blocks for a swap, went back to working on April’s UFO–ok that one is my blog reader’s fault.  You all said I should make that into a full size quilt.  I am still working on finishing that quilt, but the size and scope of it have increased due to your input.

The stashed is because, well, we have a new quilt shop.  I am visiting because I don’t want them to go away, so each time I am in, I buy a couple of things.  Yesterday I bought a pattern and a fat quarter bundle to go with it.  This was the self-sacrificing stash.  Still in the green for the year, but, man, is it tough!!  (Note:  previous quilt shop went out of business 5/31.  If we lose this brand new one, I will be without a quilt shop. )

Busted this Week:              4.25
Busted year to Date:      103.75
Stashed this Week:            5
Stashed Year to Date:   97.25

Net Busted  for 2011:  6.5


5 thoughts on “Stash Report 2011 – Week 24

  1. Hey you HAVE to support that local quilt shop right??? We quilters can sure rationalize our purchases can’t we (myself included).

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