Broken Camera and Purveyors of False Hope

Right now I’m not able to share my quilting world with you much.  My camera is broken and had to be mailed off somewhere to fixed.  The last pictures I posted were taken on my daughter’s camera, but she has gone away to work for the summer and took the camera with her.  I know I have a cord for uploading from my camera phone, but I can’t find it.  I have done a little quilting this week, but not really very much.

I just finished writing a card to my son and his girlfriend, as they just lost their dog.  Actually, it is worse than that, because they rushed the dog to an emergency vet clinic that encouraged them to run up a huge bill.  And of course, they are both full-time students with no income, living on student loans, and now they have a big credit card debt as well.    I know how this place operates –not places like this, but this specific place, as I have been there several times in emergency situations.  They will offer you hope as long as you pull out the plastic.   I remember at least 4 times I was there.  Twice, we had to make an end of life decision.  They wanted to do more, but I could not watch my babies suffer.  The third time, my husband had to take my dog alone and he did not make that decision.  That was the largest bill, and the dog passed away a few weeks later.

Reflecting on my experiences this morning, I understand how easy it is for  them to suck you in by your emotions.   Having your heart in the right place sure makes you an easy target for purveyors of false hope.


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