So Sick of Purple

My UFO of the month (#8, selected by Judy at  is a Crown Royal quilt.  A couple of Christmases ago, I promised my nephew I would make one for him.  And then I came back from vacation.  A few months later, my husband got laid off from his job.  Well, that kind of takes the joy out of doing any quilting, so I put the bags away.  Then I had to start work full-time due to same issue.  Again, less time to sew.  Then my husband got a consulting gig and moved to another state.  Again, less time for anything I wanted to do.  Then we put the house for sale. I’m giving up sleep to keep the house in “show condition”.  At this point, needless to say I didn’t even remember promising to make this quilt, much less  KNOW where these Crown Royal Bags were.

After 6 months the house sold and we packed up to move.  It was a few months later–and over a year and a half since that glibly made promise–before I found the bags and realized it was past time.  He had kind of an odd number of bags, so I asked my friend for a couple more to make it a nice 4 x4 setting.  Next thing I know a LARGE box stuffed with these bags (and a couple of books) showed up on my front porch.  I purchased the purple and gold fabrics and then made 1 block.  And once again, set it aside.  I decided I might as well do this one at Quilt Camp.  So at quilt camp, I talked, and sat, and ate, and made blocks with 49 pieces each…….a total of 25 blocks.

This only made a dent in the pile of Crown Royal bags.  I actually found someone else who wanted to take the remaining bags home (Thanks Jenny! and Sorry Jenny!)  The quilt has finally made it to a complete top and on the frame, and now I am quilting it.  And like the rest of the project, I have now been plagued with problems.  The variegated purple thread I am using has been breaking.  😦

After the 8th or so thread break, I turned off Gladys and went to bed.  Just was not ready to deal with it anymore.  Normally I love purple, or at least like it a lot, but today, not so much.

Are there any projects buried in your work room right now that you would prefer to forget?  C’mon, ‘fess up…….


One thought on “So Sick of Purple

  1. Hi. I’m a handquilter and am in the process of quilting a top I wish I hadn’t started. I’m sure it will be fine when I’ve finished it. At the moment though at times it’s tough to think why I started quilting it.

    I bought a pretty quilt top off of ebay. It is of Dresden Plates alternating with pieced butterflies. It’s cottons from the 30’s and maybe 40’s type of materials appliqued on to a heavier feedsack material. I know they were some type of feedsack because the indentions from the chain type sewing are still along the edges of some of pieces.

    Anyway it makes for hard going sometimes when you are hand quilting. At the moment it’s a chore to get finished and probably isn’t as heavy on the quilting as I would normally do. I had bought it not long after my grandmother passed away. It was from Kansas which is where she was born and I keep at it because of memory of her. She would have loved this top. I’m sure I will too when it’s finished.

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