Finishes: Coke Quilt and Mystery 26

Not a terribly imaginative setting, no fancy quilting.  But it does showcase the coke fabric nicely.

When I put the coke quilt on my UFO list, all I had done was purchase the red and black fabrics and cut some 6 1/2 squares.  Years ago I made a coke quilt which I donated to South Carolina Quilts of Valor.  It was a very popular quilt.  Last August on vacation I stopped at the Lowell, Mass quilt show.  A vendor there was selling shop samples.  I bought all the coke fabric I could find, intending to make another quilt.  I bought some great black to go with it in September and started by cutting some squares.  Then got sidetracked….  So when it was drawn as the UFO of the month at Patchwork Times, I still had lots and lots of work to do!

I found a great black backing that had red and white polka dots (about small pea size) on it.  There was not quite enough of that fabric, so there is an off-center 6 inch strip of the same black from the front that runs the length of the quilt.  This quilt is just one intended to be a fabric hug.  I put the label on it Friday night.

I also put the label on my Mystery 26 (named Hatch and Window).  I could post a picture of the back–but I forgot to take one.  I won’t be running that mystery for months, so when I finally get around to posting the picture, it’ll be all new to all of us again.  🙂

I also did some serious damage to the remaining work on the Crown Royal quilt.  I’m hoping that will be a finish soon!  So did you make good use of your weekend, too?


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