Stash Report 2011 – Week 21 (Seriously)

This week I was feeling inordinately sorry for myself.  Having trouble adjusting to new “young people” in the house.  I continue to worry over my mother’s health (although strangely, SHE does not), and I don’t even want to talk about work.  And after last week thinking about cotton prices going up, I visited my LQS.  not once, but TWICE.  The LQS is going out of business, so everything was 50% off.  There are lots of bolts left–most with less than 4 yards.   I indulged myself in some batiks, a couple really cute prints, and some fabric for a backing (that I used this week).  I purchased almost 30 yards, but the average price was less than $5 per yard.  So I feel somewhat proud of myself.

Honestly, I don’t have that big of a stash and probably 75% of it is pieces less than a half yard.  Some yardage was called for……I fell off the wagon in a big way, but I landed in a bed of roses, you might say.

And since I did some serious work on my UFO of the month, I used lots of fabric.  When I put this one on the UFO list and all I had done on it was purchase the fabric and cut some 6 1/2 inch squares–none of this was counted in my stash report before.  The top is now complete, I finished quilting it yesterday, sewed the binding on, and am ready to turn the binding and add a label.  Picture will be soon…..especially as I want to get this one done before June!

Busted this Week:              8
Busted year to Date:      92
Stashed this Week:            29.75
Stashed Year to Date:    84.25

Net Busted  for 2011:  7.75


One thought on “Stash Report 2011 – Week 21 (Seriously)

  1. My stash, until this year, has also been mostly 1/2 yard and under pieces (and, with the exception of a few large pieces, still is!), so I agree – it’s time to bone up the stash so you can work with it!

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