Another Bag (and UFO) Finished

Lizzies London Tote--UFO #12

Since I had that great bag pattern, I decided to finish the bag that I am making for my daughter.  It is UFO #12 on my UFO Hit List.  I hadn’t gotten very far with this as a UFO, so I pretty much tossed out what I had before and repurposed some of what I had cut.  I bought this fabric just for my daughter.  A London theme because she so enjoyed her trip to London.

And since my daughter is not known to frequent quilting blogs, I feel quite safe to announce my finish here.  Here is my dog (boxer) checking out the new tote.

I feel kind of guilty even having this one on the UFO list, because 1) it was so small and 2) it is one of the “newest” UFOs–less than a year.

Notice that although I used the redesign I did before, I changed up the handles.  Just hate turning handles inside out–so why do it?  Using the accent strips is such an easy way to do it.  And I think it adds a bit more spice to the bag.  I must admit that I did the previous bag in black and white while having this project in my mind–I wanted to see how it looked in black and white!


5 thoughts on “Another Bag (and UFO) Finished

  1. Lovely! I like the non-turning out of the handles idea very much. And, hey, it was your UFO list so you got to do what you wanted. Congrats on your finishes!

  2. Great finish! Your daughter will love it! (I keep promising to make one for my daughter, but never seem to manage–seeing yours makes me feel a bit guilty!)

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