Stash Report – Week 14

Not a soul busted me for my math last week (should have been a net 8 yards busted instead of 7).  This week I did my lap desk makeover, and I have no clue what that bag of fabric was in yardage.  So I made an educated guess by weight of about 3 yards.  That’s 3 yards of totally useless tiny scraps.  Which of course, brings the question of WHY that bag was stuffed full in the corner of my sewing room anyway.  I would like to say I had the vision to KNOW that I was going to need it for my lapdesk, but I think you and I both know that’s not true.  <grin>

Anyway, the “other” 2.5 yards represents the lap desk cover, liner, and some other fabric I cut for a UFO I am trying to finish.

Busted this Week:          5.5
Busted year to Date:    61.75
Stashed this Week:       0
Stashed Year to Date: 48.25
Net Busted  for 2011:  13.5

Post script note:  forgot to add .5 yard for the Quilt along project this week.  Will add that next week!


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