Stash Report – Week 13 and Other Progress

Shopping Bag

This week I spent lots of extra hours at work instead of sewing, so again, not so much accomplished.  Last week my daughter and fiance came to visit us over spring break, so I have spent 2 weeks not doing much sewing.  But I did make this great shopping bag.

The pattern was from Indygo Junction, but if you go looking at it, it doesn’t look much like what I made, because I totally threw out the directions after about 15 minutes.  It’s not that they were unusable, I just decided I that the fabric I wanted to use needed to be laid out differently than the “panel” approach they had in their instructions.  My sides are one piece instead of 4.  Which made the corners much more challenging, but what the heck?  Anyway, the thing is huge–sides are about 16 inches high and 26 inches wide.    And as you can see, it takes nearly half the couch….


I picked up a yard of fabric for the bag, and some fusible fleece.  I don’t count interfacing/fleece/batting in my stash.  I also did a little work piecing a border, so I have a little bit of busting to report this week.  But not much.

Busted this Week:          4
Busted year to Date:    56.25
Stashed this Week:       1
Stashed Year to Date: 48.25
Net Busted  for 2011:  7


4 thoughts on “Stash Report – Week 13 and Other Progress

  1. Great bag. I made one recently that converts from a bag to a backpack. I got the pattern from Creative Thimble. A quilting friend had the bag and I had to make one like it. I used upholstery fabric which was a challenge to sew through, but will never wear out! (My stash is ever increasing!)

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