Drunk and in Hiding

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am participating in the Quiltpossible! Studio QuiltAlong.  Thursday Block 2 came out.  This block is the Drunkard’s path.  Once again, this is a die I did not have.  I purposely did not buy this die because I have loved Drunkard’s Path for a long time and have several sets of templates.

I have made several Drunkard’s Paths.  For example, this one that has hung in my living room in my previous home, and now in my new home.  It is my own design based on a Drunkard’s Path.  I named it Fade Out.  And no, I did not die or bleach any fabrics, and they are not coordinating fabrics from the same fabric line.  I simply chose them very carefully.  It took me visits to several quilt shops to have just the fabrics I needed.

Since I knew I had the templates to make Drunkard’s Path, I scurried up into my quilting loft and started rummaging through my drawers to find where they were hiding.  In some ways I am much more organized since my move, in other ways, less so.   It took me a while.  But–I did find my complete set of templates that I purchased from Betty Kiser of The Path Less Traveled, and one of her books, and one pattern (but I swear, I have more!!)!  I have seen Betty at many quilt shows and took a class with her in my previous guild.  (I took the class after making the above quilt–you can always learn something new, you know).    If you are unfamiliar with her work, visit http://www.getcreativeshow.com/path_less_traveled.htm. I also found two other drunkard’s path template sets in other sizes, hiding in the same drawer.  Good grief, what was I thinking?

Anyway–I sat down and figured out which templates I needed to use to make the blocks the same size as the Accuquilt Die.  I have included my cutting instructions here.  Cutting Instructions for Drunkard.  Note these are cutting instructions only.  I did not delve into the world of piecing curves, in fact, Ebony has some great videos/tutorials on that on her website Quiltpossible! Why reinvent the wheel, err….curve?

I am enjoying my Accuquilt Studio and I am not trying to convince anyone NOT to buy this particular die.  However, if you are like me and have a burgeoning template collection and don’t want to duplicate it (any more than you already have), then you now have some instructions that will enable you to create the exact same block with templates you already own.


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