A Rant

Last night my husband finally got around to taking me for dinner for my birthday.  We waited quite about 15 minutes to be seated and then they took us to a table, not quite the size of two TV trays shoved together, tucked in the corner of the noisy bar, right next to the kitchen door.  My husband said we would wait for another table.  The seating hostess just walked away without a word.

We walked back to the front to wait to be seated.  No one said anything to us at all –like “we’re trying to find you another table” or something.  We were there about 1 minute when they came and seated the people who walked in about 1 minute before we were seated.  They were a group of 8.  Large groups always take longer to seat, right?  Still, no one said a word to us.  And about a minute later, I walked out. 

It was a communication thing.  They couldn’t say to us “We have another table that should be open in a couple of minutes”, please have a seat and we’ll be right with you?  Instead, they just let us stand there like idiots.  I had no idea if they were even looking for another table for us.

The worst part is, we’re pretty good tippers and not really very demanding.  So they missed out.  And next time we want to go out to eat, they probably won’t be on my list.  So tell me, should we go back?


3 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. Friday & Saturday are the busiest times in a restaurant. Maybe the hostess walked away without saying anything because she didn’t hear what your husband said. Maybe they didn’t understand why you were standing there, didn’t recognize you as someone they just sat (it happens) or thought someone else was taking care of you.

    Before leaving, it would have been good to have gotten someone’s attention and ask what was happening about your table, just to make sure the message got through.

    So on that basis, I think you should give them another chance. Sure it could be a restaurant with terrible service, but you didn’t speak up while you were there so there’s no way to tell for sure.

    I was a hostess once myself, so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, or talk to the manager & explain why I’m not happy with the service.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts–I should have been specific that she did acknowledge my husband’s request before she walked away, and she walked past us twice and wouldn’t make eye contact when we were waiting in the seating area. Which is why I never asked.

    I probably will give them another chance, but hopefully will get a different seating hostess.

  3. Nope. I wouldn’t go back at least for a while. My husband and I are good tippers (he used to work in a restaurant) and if we have a bad experience we just don’t go back for a while. We are finally fortunate enough to live in a bigger city where there are lots of choices. We had one really bad experience at an expensive restaurant for our anniversary where we seated at a table by the curtain in front of their party room which was hosting a party. We asked politely to be reseated and then there was a turf war between the two servers-the one who took our drink orders and the one whose section we ultimately sat in. I was so upset that I mentioned it to the manager when we left because it was our anniversary. His response was just “sorry about that”. So we’ve never been back.

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