Stash Report – Week 8

Once again, I made a little bit of progress with the stash busting.  Too bad I did almost all of The Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery BEFORE I started project of keeping track of the stash busting.  That would have helped!  Got that king size T-shirt quilt on the frame yesterday. I probably could have only made it about 2 inches wider.  As it is, it feels like it takes half a lifetime to quilt a single row.  But I am determined to finish quilting it this week.  It just takes up too much room in my sewing room!
Edited this post–I missed 2 yards in my count!  Hooray double digits.
Busted this Week:           5.25
Busted year to Date:    50
Stashed this Week:        0
Stashed Year to Date:  38.25
Net Busted  for 2011:  11.75  


2 thoughts on “Stash Report – Week 8

  1. I’ve seen the Roll Roll Cotton Boll on another blog. It was really pretty. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished t-shirt quilt. I have no idea how to finish one.

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