Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and with it being President’s day on Monday, I have decided to take some extra time for me.  But of course, I will probably spend some time working around the house.  We have added picture frame molding in the dining room and it needs to be painted. I caulked it last weekend.  Why caulk it?  Well, wall board and the frames aren’t necessarily completely flat (either of them), so there are small gaps around the frames in spots.   There are 15 frames.  I caulked 14.  Don’t know HOW I managed to miss one, but I need to go back and caulk it before painting them.

Also have completed the king sized T-shirt quilt top that I have been working on.  Now ready to quilt.  Sashing is charcoal gray and the borders are red and black.   This quilt is 100″ wide which is the maximum that my frame can handle.  This ought to be interesting.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I love your T-Shirt quilt! Wow, sounds like you have made a lot of them (per your post on MQP). Have you made a Harley Davidson T-shirt quilt? I have 2 to make; I would love to see pics if you have.

    Happy Birthday!

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