Finish #2 for 2011, and a Start…..

I spent a lot of time working this week, and have spent some time quilting too.  In the quilting department, I have finished (yes finished! My UFO challenge for the month.    You might recognize this as Bonnie Hunter’s Starstruck (   I  took the strips to make it from our January, 2010 QOV meeting in Charleston.  It, of course, will be returned to them next time I am in their area (or one of my friends comes this way).

I have also been hard at work on the king sized T-shirt quilt.  I am assembling it in 7 panels, and had to rip 4 of them apart to remove/resize/make changes that were requested.  I am proud to announce that I now have it in 3 panels and then I just have to add 2 simple borders.  It will be about 100 x 110, I believe.  (No pictures yet).

I also mounted the cuddle quilt (on my UFO list) on my frame to quilt.  No, I actually haven’t done any quilting.   Yet.

And for the Studio Quilt Along from (, I have completed the first block.  To my long time friends–Yes, it’s green.  Green, green, green.  Even that dark gray/black has a green caste.  Green green green green green.  I intend to do the whole quilt, except the background in GREEN!  (For those of you who don’t know me well–although you are probably beginning to suspect it–I hate green)  My friends have long tortured me by making sure, on every exchange, round robin, swap, etc. to make sure I get as much green as possible.

So far on the Quilt Along I have pretty much broken all the rules, she said to shop from your stash–and I already bought some fabric (that charcoal greenie-gray, but it was 60% off, so cut me some slack).   Also, she had picked out 17 colors, including a background.  And they were bright.  OK, brights are  not my comfort level.  So I went through my green drawer and pulled out a stack of greens that I could stomach together.  There are probably way more than 17.  But many are not large pieces, so I may have to use them strategically, or break down and buy a fat quarter or two.  The block above contains 5 greens.  What do you think of my idea to use all greens?

So in reality, I have done a bunch this week.  But I have some home projects (laundry, grocery shopping painting, reconciling the checkbook, and taxes) that I “owe” my husband, so quilting is probably at an end for this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Finish #2 for 2011, and a Start…..

  1. I absolutely LOVE that you’re breaking all the rules. Don’t listen to me! 🙂

    I like that you added the grey/blue/green pieces – I think that will give you good shots of color throughout the quilt. And scrappy is perfectly OK.

    I’m definitely a BRIGHT QUILT kind of person but I can appreciate & admire some softer tones. Can’t wait to see your next block!

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