Stash Report – 2011 Week 6

Once again, I was in a fabric store this weekend, however this time I restrained myself to one spool of thread.  I have started the quilting on my UFO of the month–Purple Star Struck (a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I have had a frustrating time with this one.  it should have been pretty easy to knock this one of the list.  Lap sized, top already done,  just quilt, bind, label and outta here.

What is it that they say about the best laid plans?  Oh yeah…..  So I got 3 rows quilted quite quickly and then as I was rolling up the quilt after the third row I looked at the stitching a bit closer.  Every 3 or 4 feet I had tails.  And as I examined them more closely, I realized that the top thread had snapped, left a short 1/4 or so tail on the back, but somehow managed for the machine to not come unthreaded.    On closer inspection, these “Snap Tails” were everywhere.  Unfortunately, I was about three quarters done quilting the top!!!!!

The thread was one I haven’t used before–in fact, I don’t even know where it came from.  But I decided that it was not going to go on that quilt (and not any quilt).  I took Star Struck off the frame and since my husband and I had a day trip we had to make, I did some unsewing in the car.  I had to drive some, but he let me have quite a while to remove the sewing.  Then about an hour in front of the TV and the quilt is now ready to quilt again.  That’s where the thread from the fabric store came in……but of course, once I got home, I found another thread I liked better than the one I picked up.  (One of these days I’m gonna throw in a thread stash report, too!)

Busted this Week:          6.5
Busted year to Date:     41.25
Stashed this Week:        0
Stashed Year to Date:  29.25
Net Stashed/Busted  for 2011:  12


One thought on “Stash Report – 2011 Week 6

  1. What a disaster! Let me share a similar story. I had made a QOV from blocks made in r/w/b in my quilting group. The top was done, including some sashing. I free-motion quilted it in r/w/b variegated thread I had bought at a local quilt store. I washed it, per instructions from QOVF. On examination up close after it was dried, I discovered that most of the quilting had literally shredded! What had I done wrong? Was it the incorrect needle??? Anyway, I took out all the quilting (while watching TV) and ended up quilting it by hand. I’ve never had that happen before and I will never buy that brand of thread (a big brand I won’t mention).

    Nancy in NC

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