Stash Report – 2011 Week 5

That’s right, this week I finished my first quilt of the new year!  Celebration to continue for an indeterminate amount of time…..

And then I started on that king size quilt I keep complaining talking about.  Unfortunately, I did have to visit the fabric store because I didn’t buy quite enough fabric for that quilt–I underestimated because after washing the fabric for the backing it was only 40 inches (can you say shrinkage?), and because it is <sigh> directional.   So I will have to triple check this quilt when I mount it on the frame…..

And since I am now in stashbusting territory, my net line has returned to being green.  [OK, if you didn’t read my bio, I am an accountant, so color coding amounts is not just mildly psychotic, it’s my life.]

Busted this Week:          10
Busted year to Date:     34.75
Stashed this Week:        4.5
Stashed Year to Date:  29.25
Net Stashed/Busted  for 2011:  5.5


4 thoughts on “Stash Report – 2011 Week 5

  1. I love the idea of your turning your “net” colors! I’m anxious to see when you can flip over your mystery what it looks like! Congratulations on your 2011 finishes! Keep them coming.

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