Progress on the UFO and Stash Fronts

Last night I got myself to go back to the UFO for the month (#6 see my UFO Hit List for more info) and added borders to it and finished the back.  Yay!  Not only does it get me closer to getting that UFO finished, but it helps me on my weekly stash report.  Of course..I have committed to do another quilt for someone else, which will mean a trip to Mary Jos….which will probably mean that this week’s stash report is going to be a big red number.  Darn!

Also on the good side, I posted Clue 1 of my mystery Maltese Star (a name I chose that doesn’t really have much to do with anything) on my Yahoo group, MysteryQuilts4Military  or  I have done this quilt in red, white, and blue–of course–and then again in gold, green, and purple.  I must say, I really like the gold, green, and purple.  Even though that is definitely not a patriotic quilt. 

A non-quilting friend peeked in at my blog and said he was quite worried about me–stashes and UFOs.  I fear he thinks I may be a tad unbalanced or into something illegal.    Do you find yourself trying to explain quilting terminology to the unitiated?  Or do you just laugh evilly (mwoo -ha-ha), smile, and let them think you’re up to something?


2 thoughts on “Progress on the UFO and Stash Fronts

  1. Gold, green, and purple is *definitely* a “patriotic” combination in New Orleans! Those are the colors of Mardi Gras!

  2. My grand daughter is in that inbetween age when they love to play with babydolls and play cops and robbers with her twin brother, and trying to wear makeup and get all girly looking. She is tired of being called a boy but is still a tomboy at heart. Her 2 older sisters, her mom and I are trying to make her into a little princess. Maybe this would help her believe in herself as she quilts and sews along with me.

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