Stash Report, 2011-Week 2

For the 2nd week in a row, I kept track of my stash and made some progress (made a visit to the quilt shop, too).  Spent most of the weekend cleaning the house and sewing, sewing, sewing.

Finished my RRCB top this evening.  Making this mystery has sure energeized me to do some sewing!  And I love that it used up some of the butt-ugliest fabric (can I say that?) that I had.  This thing is like a one-inch fabric collection.  I refer to fabric as “One-inch” fabrics when you have to cut them that small to like them.  Ok, some of them are two inch fabrics.  <grin>.

So anyway, here is this week’s stash report.  I’ve decided that the Net line should appear in green or red.  Green is Go! and Red is Stop! Stop! Stop!

Used this Week:          13.5     
Used year to Date:     14.25 
Added this Week:        10      
Added Year to Date:  10.75 
Net Used for 2011:   3.50 


5 thoughts on “Stash Report, 2011-Week 2

  1. Just remember that enhancement of your stash with up-dated color-ways is always needed and a constant joy. Out with the butt-ugly fabric and in with some gorgeous new fabrics.

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