RRCB, Friday, Mystery Quilt, Stuff

That’s right, lots of various stuff in this post.  First off, it’s Friday, yay!

Second off, my new mystery quilt starts later today (MysteryQuilts4Military yahoo group).  That happened to be #6 on my UOF list.  I need to add a border, quilt, and bind.  This blog will NOT be getting pictures until the reveal on the Yahoo group, though.  On second thought, maybe I should take a picture of the back <grin>

Third off, end of a long week at work.  Because it was the first week back from vacation.

And finally, progress on RRCB.  With family in the house over Christmas I feel behind at step #6 and have been playing catch up.  I am most of the way through step #7 (picture below) and step #8 came out today.  Hopefully I will finish in the next few days.  Here are some of my #1 and #2 blocks laid out.  Sure glad I opted for the purple as the constant.  It frames my blocks nicely.  And what have you been working on?

Post Script:  for those that have asked, my mystery quilt is done a Yahoo group that makes quilts for service men and women.  You can find the group here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MysteryQuilts4Military/


One thought on “RRCB, Friday, Mystery Quilt, Stuff

  1. I like your RRCB quilt! Much more contrast than mine. I might have to start on the Stash record, but going to Mary Jo’s this week may skew the log.

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