Stash Report, 2011-Week 1

Following Judy Laquidara’s example, I am going to try to reduce my stash this year.  I do every year (try, that is), but sometimes am more succesful than others.   Last year, I reduced a lot when we moved.  Then I think I gained it all back.  Plus some.  I now live close to Mary Jos.  So do you laugh or do you cry?  Anyway, here is Sunday’s stash report:

     Used this Week:     .75 yards
     Used year to Date:    .75  yards
     Added this Week:    .75  yards  (interestingly enough, not the same 3/4 yards…)
     Added Year to Date:    .75 yards
     Net Used for 2011:    0 yards

Check out Judy’s blog:


One thought on “Stash Report, 2011-Week 1

  1. It seems that the answer to the stash problem is more scrap quilts. Think of all the scrap quilts born from your stash. The downside of scrap quilts is that they do take longer to make, but such beautiful results. Your Holiday quilt is lovely. Thanks

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