A New Year!

After five days out of town, returned home to find something on fire…..well, not really a fire, just smoldering….in the house.  Everything is OK, but we will need to repair/replace some carpet.   Just thankful that no one was hurt.

Family is now off to their various residences except my daughter who returns to college next week.  And being New Year’s day, no one objected to my spending the day in the sewing room.  Have been trying to catch up with RRCB (www.quiltville.com mystery Roll, Roll Cotton Boll).  I did not finish Clue 6 before being inundated with family and holiday stuff.  Still trying to catch up…..

For the 2011 UFO Challenge, Judy Laquidara selected the #6, which means I just need to quilt and bind a top that is done to be up to date in January.  Unfortunately I can’t post a picture of that one right now, because I’ll be running that mystery next week.  So for those who like pictures, I am posting the baby quilt I finished last week.  It is Ami Simms’ Twisted Sister pattern: http://www.amisimms.com/twistedsisters.html and a present for a coworker.

For this year I have decided to make a resolution a week.  I have found bigger resolutions don’t seem to work, so each week I will make some small, “doable” resolution so I feel like I have gotten somewhere.  What are you doing resolution-wise?


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