License plates

For those who follow my blog, today’s post is not about quilting.  I am traveling.  Yesterday 5 states, 1 nasty snowstorm, wind, mountains, highway, cars, trucks, and license plates.  I found myself looking at lots and lots of license plates.  Had I not been driving, I probably would have snapped a couple of photos for the blog.  I did see a quilt block on a barn in West Virginia an in the same state, saw a quilt hanging on the front porch, so I was not totally quilt deprived, but mostly I saw cars.  Lots and lots of cars.  And their license plates.

After a few hundred miles, I thought I would share some thoughts on license plates: 

  • Everyone has these little license plate frames that pretty much obscure the state and all other important information.  Why can’t you just screw the license plate to the back of your car?  Afraid it will look ugly?  Read on….
  • Yes the license plate comes in a little plastic baggy.  TAKE IT OFF! It isn’t meant to be a license plate cover.  It just gets dirty, saggy, and ripped, and instead of keeping the license plate looking nice, it just makes you look foolish
  • Some states have so many different colors/varieties of license plates (vanity plates and college and save the nukes or nuke the whale plates, or whatever) that you can’t tell which state’s plate it is. 
  • Emboss!  I can’t stress this enough.  When your unembossed license plate (I’m thinking of you, South Carolina) is covered with precipitation, at night  the headlights and water together make glare.  And without embossing, the license plate looks like a piece of flat, colored cardboard.  You can’t read the number at all. 
  • Could we standardize a little states?  6 digits, 7 digits, 2 groups of 3, a group of 2 and a group of 4, letters in one group and numbers in another, mixed in both, and one letter about half the height of the others. WTH?(1)  Please states, pick a system. Better yet, maybe the manufacturers should just assign numbers and you just pay to REGISTER it with your state, since as previously mentioned, you can’t tell what states the plates are for anyway.
  • The above facts would make it difficult to get an accurate ID in an emergency.  So if you commit a crime, or are a material eyewitness, please hang around long enough so I can get a really good look at your license plate–or maybe remove the frame so I can see what state you are from. 
  • All of this is totally unnecessary.  I seem to remember European plates are one color background, one color IDs–written very large and very boring.  But hey, it worked.  You can always read their numbers.

In conclusion, I always thought license plates were for identification purposes.  But after a few hundred miles, I just am not sure of the purpose. 

(1)For the uninitiated, WTH= what the heck.  It is the G rated version of the other internet/text speech phrase:  WTF, which I am not going to explain.

Happy holiday travels and happy quilting…..


2 thoughts on “License plates

  1. I agree with the SC flat plates. They didnt consult me when we changed. Probably because the govenor was off you know where. If is happens, and is strange, crazy or stupid, its probably, us. cant spell either. LOL

  2. I hear ya about the license plates. Makes it crazy and some really do look like someone slapped a cardboard one on.
    found your blog thru Judys ufo challenge. I dont blog but read some like judy;s daily. Love the inspiration and sometimes reading about others challenges I can relate and commiserate!
    I also am of the age where I hope that life doesnt take a turn to undo my plans for later in life. I feel like my generation already had it harder to buy a home (my parents generation the 2nd job was extra monay not necessity) and I worked hard for what little I have as well. Would be nice to at least be able to enjoy “retirement” when and if it can ever come.
    Dawn in MA a “lurker”

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