Quilting and Christmas

Yesterday I finished a baby quilt for a baby that has already arrived.  Not entirely my fault.  I didn’t find out the baby was on its way until shortly before Thanksgiving, and it arrived last week.  Binding in progress.   This morning I started Clue 5 for Roll Roll Cotton Boll (mystery at www.quiltville.com).  This is going to take a while…..but I did get about 120 done.  Not trimmed or pressed yet, though.

Then the Christmas tree went up.  This tree is, of course, artificial.  We bought it 3 years ago –artificial tree-prelit and easy to assemble.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  The tree has been the source of much angst in our house.  The first year my husband put it back in the box it came in.  He was pushing the tree down – hard – with his knee.  I kept saying “You’re going to break it, you’re going to break it”.  He finally managed to get it back in the box and taped shut. 

The next year, the lights in the middle section did not light.  Of course, I was just as gentle with my husband as he was with that Christmas tree.  Last year, with the house for sale,  I certainly wasn’t going to put up the defective Christmas tree.   But this morning it came out, and my husband and I assembled it together.  I grumbled and complained the whole time.  And to make matters worse, every single bulb on that tree lit!  I smiled.  It sort of figured. 

Then off to various errands (bank, drug store, post office) and the mall (in the snow) to finish the last of the Christmas shopping.    Finished the shopping and almost all the wrapping (a few stocking stuffers to go)and going to head back up tomy quilting loft to see what I can get done. 

I haven’t been very excited about Christmas, but for some reason, putting up the tree lifted my spirits.  I guess there really is nothing to make a new house a home like the holidays.


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