What are you getting [quilty] for Christmas?

This BIG, HEAVY box arrived the other day and I dragged it in.  I know, from experience, that my husband always tries to surprise me with something for Christmas.  I had told him I was thinking of an Accuquilt Go! cutter (www.accuquilt.com).  He disappeared into the office for a couple of nights doing “research” on the computer.  Anyway, a week later, this big box arrives. 

It turns out my husband found a used Studio cutter on eBay and decided that bigger was better.  It came with some paper cutting dies.  I went to bed early last night and when I got up this morning, my husband had to show me the paper he had embossed and cut for me.  So I told him that I could try it with fabric tonight–and he looked shocked and told me I couldn’t use it til Christmas.  I plan on getting out some fabric and dies and handing them to him tonight.  Maybe I can’t play with it–but he can, and I can pick the fabric and dies to have him make what I need!

So what quilty and wonderful things are you getting for Christmas?


2 thoughts on “What are you getting [quilty] for Christmas?

  1. Too funny.

    I am getting a new workbench for Christmas. It really is a workbench. I am using it for a cutting/pressing table and to store all of my rulers, embroidery machine hoops, and whatever else fits. Husband has purchased it but it is not put together yet. (I think Judy L. has one like it.) He got it from Sam’s. I’m excited.

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