Strips, Scraps, and Paper

I have been following along with Bonnie Hunter’s mystery, (Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll on  For the first time I am caught up. So….

I did some quilting and finished that quilt on the frame I mentioned…was that a week ago?  Then put another one on the frame and got it about half finished….then decided to pick up/organize/clean my sewing area.

And I came across the paper “cutoffs” from RRCB step 3.  On that step, we pieced strings on a 8.5 x 8.5 piece of paper.  I had purchased a child’s scribble pad at the dollar store–exactly 60 sheets, the number we needed.  But the sheets were 9 x 12.  I Used my 8.5 squares and had a piece 3.5 x 9 left over.  Although I fully intended to throw them away, I think they would make some lovely smaller string-pieced blocks.  I could get three 3 inch squares from each one.  And it so happens I have lots of red strings…..


3 thoughts on “Strips, Scraps, and Paper

  1. Those leftover rectangles from the strip blocks will be fun to play with! I wish I had thought of that and made my squares from bigger paper too!

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