Keeping up…or not so much

As I’ve said in earlier posts, since the move I’ve had trouble getting myself in gear to sew.  Always seems like there’s tons of things I want to do, but not the time.  And my new house and sewing room doesn’t yet feel like a “haven”.

So I have been following along with Bonnie Hunter’s mystery (Roll, Roll Cotton Boll at and have been behind most of the time.  But only a little behind.  That’s OK, I’ve still been doing it, right?

This week’s clue (Step 3) had me spending virtually all day yesterday in my quilting loft.  The six blocks pictured in yesterday’s post have multiplied to 36 — with about 4 in various stages of completion.

I have cut up all the PIG TICKING fabric, but alas it has not ALL wound its way into blocks.  I have been driven to complete this step.  Somewhat because the piles of “neutrals” are making a big mess and I want to get them back in the project box.  I have a pile of FQs and yardage relegated to this step, another pile of cut strips, a pile of blocks with tails on them (untrimmed blocks) and on the table, a pile of partial strips and corner pieces all hoping for a spot on an upcoming block.

And then there’s the other projects I mentioned earlier which are not getting done.  A QOV on the frame, piecing that baby quilt, and I still owe my nephew a  quilt.

So for now, I would say I am “not so much” in the keeping up department, but at least I have the urge to do this again.  It’s been a while.


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