You have WHAT in your stash?

Playing along with Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery (Roll, Roll Cotton Boll–see the Quiltville link at the bottom of the page), she challenged us to pull out all sorts of fabrics for the “neutrals” and string piece them. Great way to clean out the stash.  Going through piles and drawers–especially after you move and have somewhat of a jumble–is a big surprise.

Especially the PIG TICKING I found–I can only imagine where this stuff came from!

And here are some finished blocks:


4 thoughts on “You have WHAT in your stash?

  1. Oh yes, they are what the blocks are meant to look like! Good for you. I don’t have fabric like that, maybe since I see what you’ve done, will go back and give the stash a closer look. I guess I didn’t think of these fabrics as neutrals. I’ve chosen all different shades of creams and very light yellows…hmmmmm.


  2. Your blocks look great! As for the pig fabric, do you ever ponder just what kind of mood you were in when you purchased certain fabrics? I certainly do! I have a few stinkers that puzzle me to this day. Haven’t had the heart to use them.

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