Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed this morning was home made french toast.  Yum!

What did I do to deserve such a treat?  Well, we made a bet about when the buyers would move into the house down the street.  I said before December 1 (gutsy move since the sold sign didn’t go up until after November 1) and my husband took the rest of the time continuum.

The new owners moved in on the afternoon of November 30.

Making bets of little things like this are a good way to spice up your life.  Now it turns out my husband can cook.  However, if yours can’t, don’t forget that most restaurants do takeout, and I’m sure your husband can drive.

Now back to my quilting zone.


One thought on “Breakfast in bed

  1. Just found your blog – through the quiltvillechat site. I’m a lurker there — hope to be a contributor one of these days when I get my sewing space organized so that I can actually sew when I have little bites of time. Was so sorry to read about how yours and your husband’s lives took a turn when his employer let him go without notice or pay or appreciation . . . and you are so correct that with a college degree and a professional job, you never expect to find yourself in your position. To say the least, times have really changed and not for the better. Your post touched me, and I simply wanted to say that I am sorry that it happened to you, and that I hope that you both are (or will soon be) happy in your new positions and home and that you will locate some quilty friends soon! I’ll be lurking and looking for your posts on quiltvillechat.

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