Another Quilt of Valor on the frame

Last night attended the local quilt guild annual Christmas meeting.  They have a stocking contest and since this was my first time as a new member, I observed.  I was impressed by the variety and originality of the stockings and put a few dollars in a couple of stockings.  (You vote for your favorite with dollars.  Winners get prizes; money and the stockings go to charity).  The winning stocking was an ice skate.  Very cute.

After work this evening I put another QOV ( on the frame.  Did about 4 rows of my favorite masculine panto on it before I had to stop for dinner. This one is a little bigger than usual 55 x 70, so may take me a bit longer.  Right now I have 4 ready to go back to the QOV group for binding, labeling, and shipment.

Then off to pick up the dogs.  I had dropped them off earlier for their baths.

I know I could bathe them at home, but I consider it a little pampering for myself to be able to take them out to the groomers to be bathed.  That and they get a little more socialization and a car ride.

My favorite TV show on tonight, so gotta break for that…..


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