In the quilting loft — piecing batting

So I was upstairs in the quilting loft this morning.  All these batting scraps.  I just keep piecing them together in strips and then adding 1 strip to the left side of a batting piece, and one to the top.  This means that the strips get bigger, and more usable–over time, anyway.

I don’t overlap them when I piece, I use a stitch that looks like a zig zag, but it takes 3 stitches for each zig, and 3 for each zag.  Keeps it from bunching the batting together.  I also have my personal standards–I try to never have more than 3 seams in the batting in a quilt.  And if it is an all white quilt, I won’t piece the batting at all–it always seems to show through then.

I don’t know why some people  feel it is inappropriate to piece batting.  After all, quilters are supposed to use up their scraps, aren’t they?

And I am wondering how many posts I can make before someone is actually reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “In the quilting loft — piecing batting

  1. I’m reading your blog and enjoying it too….I don’t have a blog yet ;-( butttt I’m thinking about it. I’m a Quiltville junkie..I love Bonnies patterns, books and her endless engery. I’m 20 yrs her senior so I guess I’m entitled to a nap. LOL ……TC Nancy. Keep on stitching!

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