Landed in a new place

My first post was written over a year ago when it all began.  I was still in shock as to the change in our life.  Myhusband was lucky enough to find another job.  Unfortunately, it was in another state.  So we have packed up and moved.

I am lucky enough in our new home to have a room devoted to quilting.  Well, I had one in the other home, but it was about half the size.  The quilting room in my new home is up one and a half flights of stairs–yep it’s a loft.  It has some great advantages–it’s mine, and only mine.  Close to the bathroom, great light, has a TV phone, ceiling fan.  It’s quiet.  Disadvantages–well, it’s a long way from “the action”.

For six months while we were selling our house I threw out a lot of stuff, and sold a lot of quilting stuff.  Couldn’t take it all with me.  And well, I also couldn’t quilt.  Our house was showing often (at one point it showed 20 times in 3 weeks) and never with much notice.  So I made a rule that I couldn’t get anything out that would take more than a half an hour to put away.  So that meant no quilting.  A very frustrating existence for me.  It meant I got up and cleaned, went to work, came home made dinner, and then cleaned again.  Went to bed.  Repeat.   On weekends I tackled bigger things.  Painted rooms, trim, etc. and cleaned out garages, closets, etc.  My husband was already in another state working.

So that was my existence and now that I am here, I haven’t really gotten back into quilting like I did.  I don’t have as many projects going.  I sometimes just don’t have the urge.  But when I do quilt, I feel much more relaxed.

I did get a new Prodigy longarm this summer and have initiated it, just haven’t found my feet yet in this new place.  I need a quilting friend like those I left behind.


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