Life Took a Turn….For the Worse

One day in February, I called my husband to say I was on my way home from work.  So was he.  Permanently.

After almost 17 years with the same employer, and for the first time in his life, at 57, he filed for unemployment.    He was let go with no notice, no severance pay, no kind words, and no thanks.

My husband is a professional engineer and I am an accountant.  With college degrees, years of experience, and good work records, this isn’t what we expected life to be like at this stage.  We expected to be preparing for retirement, not struggling to pay for groceries and our mortgage.

I don’t know why I’m starting this blog, maybe it’s to commiserate with others in the same position.  Maybe it’s just to vent against what seems so wrong.

I have found that losing a job is every bit as hard on the soul as losing a loved relative–you do go through the seven stages of grief.   And I have found that people will say the stupidest things to you.

My absolute all-time favorite of stupid things to say:  “Some day you’ll look back on this as the best thing that ever happened to you”.  Obviously this from someone who has never experienced it.  Life now is irrevocably altered.  Life took a turn.


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